Ahoy there maties and watchers of our blog, the good ship and scurvy crew woke this morn to a fine sunrise and an icy dip in the briny at seven bells. The now, wide awake, motley crew soon scrubbed the ship from stem to stern and devoured a breakfast of hot porridge, fruit and toast. An hour of chartwork and navigation complete we motored off in search of treasure, Arr !! one of the sea’s finest food, the scallop. Ash, Byron and Nick, our seafood specialists, were soon back with catch bags bulging, we had our quota.

Our other team of Nydan, Mana, Merc, Raymond, Mathew and Stevie-Ray went along the rocks and came back a bag of kina. Yeehaa !! our seafood banquet is starting to take shape.

After a tasty lunch of pumkin soup and cheese scones we set our sails for shores unknown, our captain keeping the destination unknown. We eventually arrived, after a magic sail to a bay with palm trees and golden sand. Our divers decided they weren’t waterlogged yet and set of in search of more seafood bounty, returning with mussels and a octupus. As the sun sets on a calm blue sea, the sound of laughter and friendly banter reverberates through the timbers of the Good Ship R Tucker Thompson.