Kia ora Whanau, We awoke this morning to a drizzly, overcast sky, but this didn’t stop our brave young souls from pushing aside the icebergs and jumping into a chilly sea. With the morning swim and chores completed the now warm trainees inhaled a hearty breakfast demolishing everything on the table. Great appetites !! Our captain, Richard, then decided it was time to move so we set off, we set our Main, Fore and Headsails as Harry, Jet and Kaipo scrambled aloft and unfurled the Topsails, yahoo we were sailing !! The breeze was a very tame 10 knots from the southeast, just enough to sail with and enough for all trainees to get a ‘feel’ for sailing.

A few miles further up the coast Richard decided we should set our Course sail, we now had all sails on board set. Maika took the helm and steered us in the direction of Tutukaka as we enjoyed a soul warming vege soup and hot cheese scones for lunch. Soon the Heads of Tutukaka were in sight and our new captain Simone carefully steered us through the gap and into Tutukaka harbour. All the boys and Simone decided to explore the rocky shoreline of the harbour and donned wetsuits, the visibility was poor but all still enjoyed the swim. We are now learning knots and navigation and about to have dinner, a nice swell is gently rocking the ship, we will all sleep well tonight. Po Marie