Up early and away into the wide blue yonder. At least the trainees were spared the morning swim due to the cloak of darkness as the anchor was raised at 0600hrs. Headed north to the Cavali Isands with Tui and Pakete steering us on our way!!

The sea was pristine at Motukawainui. Perfect for snorkeling through the sea caves and chasing crayfish. A packhorse cray and plenty of kina were harvested, Caleb became the self appointed taster of all food maritime.

We had an appointment to keep at Matauri Bay where Josh joined the ship. The trainees all saying how the colours of the sea stood out as they looked down from the Rainbow Warrior memorial. Launching the dinghy Josephine launched herself off the boat and into the sea. Waterproof cameras you got to love them !

Whangaroa Harbour is our berth for the night. Kiwa, Tyrone and Clare took the drag net ashore at Rere Bay but sadly the most that was caught was a chill and two microscopic kahawai. Better luck tomorrow maybe !