Mauri Ora!!!

We have been blessed today with fantastic weather , to put out to sea on the first youth voyage of 2014.

The Good Ship has once again taken off her summer hat, and donned with twelve teenagers from near and far, loads of food and supplies and bundles of excitement, we have thrown the lines at Opua Wharf, for another week of good times and wholesome adventures.

It was great to see the warm smiles and hands waving, of the whanau and friends that had come down to bid us fair winds.

With everyone unpacked and aquainted, we had a fair amount of time today to enjoy the sun, explore the high realms of the rig, learn some new rope work, set some sails, and take in the awesome scenery of the Bay of Islands. Before long we past Cape Brett Motukokako, and out into the big east coast Sea.

Tane had a good time steering the ship into Outu Bay, were we have put our anchor down for the night. As the afternoon wore on, a few keen beans, Daniel, Nigel, Tishan, Tashan, Halo, and a few of the crew squeezed themselves into some wetsuits and flippers, and went in for a snorkel dive to check out the local aquatic life. Steve and Wayne bought home some crayfish, and Kylie a huge bag of kina. Hope fully the trainees like seafood.

By the time dinner was done and the group chats were over, everyone was keen to hit the sack. So lights out at 10pm and pomarie koutou…