Good day All!!!
Well, we have travelled miles and miles across the sea since leaving the safe port of Marsen Cove, 2 days ago. We were blessed with fine weather and slight seas, a fair breeze and safe passage all the way out to GREAT BARRIER ISLAND!!!!!!!
Brooke, Zey-yen, Maui and Daniel, Jonathen and Laura found their comfy spot on the bow sprit, while Ngapunawai, Rewaani and Alisha steered us out to the Hen and Chickens islands, in the morning. There was a wee swell on the nose, giving the bow riders a good dip every now and then, to much delight.

As we left the shadow of Mt Lion and Whangarei Heads, someone aloft shouted WHALE ON THE PORT BOW!!!!, and to our amazement a single humpback breached and blew. We slowed and turned away, giving the great creature a wide berth.
We were there in good time and spent a couple of hours fishing and uncle Steve had a dive,  returning with a few of the elusive crays, and a hearty meal of kina, which we ate instantly.

The wind swung its way around to the northeast, giving us a clear shot over to The Barrier. Rob showed everyone how to navigate, step by step of the way, we pulled into Abercrombie Harbour at 2030, to a phosphorescence light show of dolphins, guiding us in.

Upon rising this morning, the rain has set in and the landscape is draped with clouds. We are tucking into a hot breakfast, looking forwards to the next few days exploring this amazing place.