Hello from the Tucker Trainees and Crew! Day 4 marks our half way point on the voyage.  Today we awoke to a beautiful calm morning in the Cavallis. As it is Mouhnir’s birthday today, all the trainees encouraged him (perhaps a little push) in first for the morning swim! After chores and breakfast, everyone had a lesson on finances discussing both the costs of running a ship and how money works at home. Then sails were raised with Billie leading the mainsail, Tuuriri the Jib sails and Gianni the foresail. Not much wind so we also used the motor to glide across the flat sea heading towards a position 3 nautical miles out (to dump our food scraps). On the way, there was a class on how to tie some important sailor knots. Forest shone above all with her knot tying skills. Knots class was dismissed by the arrival dolphins to the ship!! A pod with hundreds of common dolphins was watched with much excitement and screaming! Soon after lunch was ready; yummy soup and scones. By the time dishes were done, we had arrived in the bay. Sails were lowered and the ship anchored in the Waewaetorea Passage for a caving adventure! Ashore to our secret location, the trainees braved the dark and the sea to head through the Taniwha Cave!

Now all are back on board the good ship. Warm and dry again. Brittany and Blue have succeeded and Billie and Tuuriri are about to attempt the Tucker Challenge as the last of the golden light begins to set. Birthday cake is in the oven! The Captain says we will move the ship to a better anchorage for staying overnight. So, now we have arrived back in the Bay of Islands and will spend the reminder of the trip exploring the bay. Enjoying the lovely winter weather!