Wha ra
Kia ora tatou from the Good Ship R.Tucker Thompson.
Good evening, stunning sunrise and coldest water, everybody is getting into the competition “first in”. Emma for the second time and Deanne made it a Okaihau College win, bravo!
After all our deck duties, breakfast and class the R.Tucker departed towards Motukokako for the incredible Hole in the Rock experience. The story goes… young warriors would swim from the end of the land across the channel , climb the island and retrieve a feather to prove their manhood. The navigation team on deck, eyes on the landscape, steering the set course. Once there we lowered the tender for a spin into the rugged , obscured Cathedral Cave, then into the hole hoping for a drop of water to fall upon us. Maomao swam about the dinghy showing us their bright reflective blue colouration.
Lunch in tummy, back to navigating our way south as far as we could, then some rain surprised us and we all scrambled to secure dry towels and escape below decks to rest on our bunks awaiting arrival. The call came from on deck, “dolphins” and all were soon cheerful , speechless and quietly mesmerised with the natural beauty of them. Accompanying us a short way to our anchor off Mimiwhangata beach, a sweet long sandy bay. Into the tender with bat and ball, beach towel and usual enthusiasm. Once ashore we could adventure without the restriction of the ship, football and bat down occupied most while others walked, swam, swung and chilled with some excellent time out, half way into our voyage. Finished off with a Long Jump competition Robert just took out ahead of Deanne. 3 hours ashore it was back for a swing swim on sunset, no minutes wasted.
From Mimiwhangata a short passage as darkness enveloped the ship, across to Paparahi for overnight anchorage, the saloon filled with conversation as dinner is prepared.
Ma te wa