S35*10.014’ E174*01.392’
KIA ORA all of you,
So our morning at Whale Bay was dedicated to class today, due to the weather forecast. Heavy wind and rain, grey sky so NO JUMP today! Lucky trainees! Their daily routines done really effectively, it was time for breakfast and get under shelter for the one working on deck.Then they were split in two groups for at least two hours, passing to one class to the second one.Knots: practical marine knots very useful on board the Tucker, as figure of eight, bow line, clove itch and bend shit, shown by Nat and Sariana. And the chart reading class where our trainees could discover how to read the divers symbols: marks, beacons, colours, and also depth, shown by Alex and Tim. As the day pass, our trainees are feeling more comfortable and start to participate more easily. Nat was cooking lunch; he served us an awesome soup with delicious scones! The guitar started to be play, voices raised (Keani, Leon,Manu…) After a chilling time for everyone, we all went up on deck to shake the sails, and give some emotions to our ship. It was time to move, get some fresh air. The sky was clearing too, so no more excuses! The sails were managed by our trainees, the anchor duty done by Daniel, Paris, Alicia and the flaking by Leon (guide the chain neatly in the locker)! Our destination was deeper into the west, next to Kerikeri Inlet, close to Crowles Bay in Te Puna Inlet. A couple of tacks were involved (well done Jennie), also a chasse of Isolated dangers and some chocolate fishes! We happily dropped the anchor. Rosalee and Manuao went on the bow sprit to strike the sails. Back together around the salon table, it’s all about laughing, fruits and music. Keani just made our night call to the Russell Radio, we do this every night to signal our position. Another good one on board,and we all know tomorrow the weather is getting shinier!!! bonne nuit *