Kia Ora,
Whangamumu to Bay of Islands,
Hard morning in some way, the weather definitely turned into winter and then mornings are colder. But with some supplementary minutes, our trainees jumped and reached the warm shower! Summer and Kea stayed easily in the water, chatting away, watching the others dancing nervously on the deck or grabbing the swing to make the pain go faster. Duties and full tummy, we departed for a snorkelling apparently a Magic spot, just a few minutes away from our cosy anchorage: Outu Bay.
Surrounded by cliffs, the dinghy was loaded with courageous divers: Kea, Craig, Kapatoa, Tiaho, Quinn, Jaya with Wayne and Nat. And for the others, it was time to give a go at fishing. No much luck, so the yards of the top sails started to wink at us. The climb started and easily Rochelle, Nakita, Summer made it up. “So much FUN”, were their words. The divers were definitely luckier: Pig Fish, Butter Fish, Porae Fish plus a crayfish! Wanted to warm up, it was no better way than give a climb too: Kea, Craig, Kapatoa and Jaya made it up the yards, so seven bracelets already on order from the Crew.

The lunch was ready and some fish caught yesterday was eaten with a nice rice salad. It was time to go again, as the daylight disappears quickly now, we need to be aware of our timing. The Hole on the Rock and Bay of Islands were our destinations. The sun joined the R.Tucker Thompson at the arrival of Percy Island, as everybody was wishing. The wind and swell were still present; a doubt was still subsisting. Could we go with our small dingy through the Hole and also the Cave in these conditions? Yes, the ship and Sarianna were waiting at the south entrance. Cameras and big smiles, the twelve of them went and came back with an unforgettable moment. A Haka was given in the cave, expecting an answer from the elements; drops of eternal youth were admired from the roof of the arch.

Back on our deck, everyone found their favourite place on our Ship, bowsprit, shrouds or saloon table for another passage to Parekura Bay, and this means we are back in Bay of Islands. By the end of the afternoon, the trainees dropped the anchor and celebrated their success with a peanut butter jam and hot chocolate tea.
Lounge time and class at S 35*14’945 / E 174*14’751. From now, we can smell the dinner on this way so Have a good night
Po marie tatou katoa