Nga mihi mahana kia te whanau whanui.

We have had an exciting day onboard the ship today. It was glass calm at Whangamumu this morning and we were woken by the dolphins clackering right next to the ship. A few curious head popped out on deck to see what the noise was, and lo and behold, a pod of jumping, flipping, tail slapping cetaceans were there to say hello..

Swims, chores and a hot breakfast were soon done and once we had done the passage plan for the day, we weighed the anchor and set sail down to Mimiwhangata.

Upon leaving the safe harbour of Whangamumu, we discovered the forecasted 25 gusting 35knots wind, had not yet set in. So, up with the sails and away we went. By the time we rounded home point there was a fair 20knots, and we were underway at 8knots speed, dodging the rain squalls as best we could. Before long we approached our lunch spot, around the corner of the harbour of Whangaruru, where we stopped for a spot of fishing, and some went off for a snorkel… Te Are was the fruitfull one and fought himself a nice sized crayfish, with no gloves on!!! Well done!!

By the time everyone was dry and warm, the wind had chopped up to a decent 30knots with a moderate sea running. Up went the two headsails and a reefed mains’l, and we had a very exciting trip over to Mimiwhangata. The crew worked extremely well together and there was alot of fun and waves coming to wet everyone. On the gusts, we were flying!!

So, here we sit, with full tummies and mountains of wet washing, hopefully those isolated showers ease overnight.

Po Marie..