Ahoy from the good ship R Tucker Thompson. Despite the change in weather today has been full of excitement and enjoyment. Our morning started off with our morning swim led by Hunter, Cailee, Katie and Kira. Shortly after followed morning duties which consisted of polishing brass, scrubbing decks, mopping the sole and cleaning the head.

After breakfast we ran through our line handling and how to raise and lower sails, shortly after followed a line race which everyone did very well in. As the wind rose to 35 gusting 45kts! We decided to go for a sail and put our learning to the test. Alissa, Prija, Hannah and Shanae raised the fore sail while the others set the jibs. We set sail towards Orokawa bay for a better anchorage to spend the night. Along our sail we enjoyed some hot toasties for lunch while sailing at speeds up to 7kts!

As we came towards our anchorage we striked sail and headed into shelter to spend some time out of the rain. While we were down below Kara and Aura made a delicious rice pudding which was devoured in seconds while others drew and played card games

After some free time we did a few lessons on Navigation and weather- learning how to plot positions, plot a course, and determine time distance and speed while also taking into account how low and high pressure systems work (Great work especially from Elisha and Emily).

Right now everyone is keeping nice and warm and is looking forward to dinners tonight, an entrée of fish and cray fish and the BOIL UP!

Po marie                       “HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!!”