Evening Family, Whanau and Friends,
Today we had another day of special meetings and exploration. After the usual morning routines, we went ashore near where we were anchored, a place called Butler’s Point. Tim had organised for us to meet the caretakers at the Museum there. Terry and Jan, showed us around the whaling artefacts, Captain Butler’s old homestead, and the Pa site. They also told us how whalers would hunt whales off our coasts and make stops at places like Mangonui Harbour to trade for supplies and repair their ships. We saw some big whale skulls and old tools used to spear and process the whales. We also got to run about and explore the inside of the homestead and saw the view for the top of the pa site overlooking the harbour entrance. We had to get away though by midday so after thank yous and good byes we set sails and left down the coast. It was a bit wet and rocky! But we didn’t mind. Infact after the work of setting sails was done Maioha, Dan, Toa, Nicholas, and Cody went out to ride the “Horse” aka the ships Bow Spit and we rode high and low over the ocean swell. We sailed for several hours heading down the coast before stopping for the night. Currently, All trainees are ashore with Tim, Pania and Tony, exploring the shoreline and hills. Soon they will be back though, dinner is cooking!
So draws us to a close of our fourth day here. We are anchored in Mahinerua Bay for the night and on our way now towards Opua.