Greetings all. Day two started on the slightly dark side, coming closer to the shortest day, Captain Steve was generous to give us a whole 15 minutes sleep in from the 7 o’clock wake up call. Quite a nice time on deck at 7.15am, last of the stars going to bed, and the day breaking. There was no hesitation from anyone to get in the water, and with total stillness in the air, morning hot fresh water rinse on deck were enjoyed. Once chores were done, we tucked into a big breakfast, and then pumped through the lessons of the day. This enabled the new comers to get up to the play with some nautical terminology and to start getting a grasp of this ship with many sails, and confusing ropes.

With the sun shining and the wind fresh from the nor’west, we studied the chart and decided to plan a voyage out of the Bay, via Cape Brett, and around the corner, to the south, to the shelter of Beautiful Whangamumu. With 22 nm to get there, we filled up on a hearty lunch, then weighed anchor. As we poked our bow out from the shelter of Orokawa, we were greeted with a heap of white caps, suggesting a fair 20knots from the nor’west. Wayne, Moira and Pare took to the upper rig to unfurl the lower topsail, and by the time the rest of us had set a reefed main and full foresail, the residual north swell from yesterday became apparent. We were rounding Motuarohia and heading out to sea.

By this stage young Moira had her feet back on the deck, but our brave soul Pare was having a right old time getting down. By the time we had set the two head sails, she was down, big smiles, uncle Steve shut down the engine, and we were off!!! A wet and wild 8.7knots was noted, burying the bow frequently into the waves. After awhile, it was all hands on deck to douse the main sail, and set the lower topsail, we bore away some more, Josiah at the helm, to a pleasant downwind leg to Cape Brett, later setting the course sail for more speed. On approach to Cape Brett, we wore the ship, all sail to the other side, and steadied the course to The Brett. The swell was smashing onto the land, and sending a rebound back to sea, making it a very confused sea, a few spews were had.

We doused the sails, and kicked the engine to life, and past around the washing machine of Piercy Island and the Dog. On the eastern coast, the huge cliffs sheltered out the wind, and the swell magically dropped. All the trainees huddled in the midships to enjoy the sun and spectacular scenery. Josiah still at the wheel, we pulled into Whangamumu, with hot drinks and cake in hand. A great chance today for the trainees to experience the true brunt of strong winds and rough seas, and to feel the goodness of our ship. Tomorrow we will relax and explore this gorgeous part of the world, possibly catch some fish, and have a dive. Cheers everyone.

Day three…. Hi everyone, i shall make this short and sweet, as we have limited reception for our blog in Whangamumu. We are en route to a fishing spot, well known by the crew, to hopefully catch us some lunch for tomorrow… its been a great day, sun has been with us, and we have spent the time taking a walk up to the waterfall this morning. Around the corner, in Te Toroa Bay, we tried a spot of fishing, with no luck, and a bunch of people went out for a dive. We have had dolphins following us while underway, and plenty of yummy food. We will anchor again tonite at Whangamumu, and make a early start tomorrow morning out to the Poor Knights Islands!!! Yipee… all is well…