Kia Ora whanau! Today we awoke to another beautiful morning in Whangamumu Bay, followed shortly by the screams of young people as they jumped into the water at 7am. After a quick breakfast we went on our first land adventure to explore the whaling station and a short hike to see a waterfall.

Later in the morning we set sail to a nice rocky bay east of home point. The trainees are really starting to get the feel of the ship and it wonโ€™t be long before theyโ€™ll be running it themselves.

The fishing was decent but the crayfish still managed to avoid our divers’ keen eyes. Lunch was a seafood smorgasbord which had been gathered with our own hands. Brandon faced his fears taking a plunge into the water today. Our trainees are really starting to show off some natural talents such as cooking (Annaliese) music (Ben, Cody and Naomi) heights (Josh) navigation and steering (Brandon).

The trainees have planned a trip to the Poor Knights for tomorrow starting at 4am including plotting the course, designating tasks on deck and running the ship in general, everyone is really keen on getting in the water to explore the marine life. Tonight we are anchoring in Mimiwhangata, we have high expectations for the voyage tomorrow!