Hello everyone,
Just a quick blog to update all you at home tonight and many photos for your viewing pleasure. It was really windy when we all got up for the morning swim but all still participated with courage. It was forecast to die down so there was a plan to make the most of the day… the morning ALL the trainees climbed the mast and completed the “Tucker Challenge” – well down. Then it was some lessons on knots and navigation before lunch. After lunch we set sail in a lovely 15 -25 knot breeze and sped our way north at 7 knots under our Main sail, fore sail, head sails, and later our top sail too (which some brave trainees went up to untie). We arrived in Whangamumu Harbour at about 1600hrs and were treated with cake and milo for afternoon tea before using the last of the sun to go for a swim, rope swing and row in the “Lil Tuc”. Now it is dark out and I can barely see the keyboard. Below decks the board games are out again and dinner, once again, smells so good! Pania has made for us pie with even the pastry made here on the ship today! Can’t wait to eat it!
Tomorrow we round Cape Brett and arrive in the Bay of Islands.
Have a great night from all of us on board the T. Tucker Thompson.