Our day today started with a most awesome and beautiful swim at Whale Bay. With the noticeable lack of wind, there was alot of lingering in the sun and extra dips to be had. Nikau and Rhys were super keen to be first in for the swim, and they even slept in their togs to make it happen!!!!!

After our chores, (thanks Jenny for cleaning the bilge),  and a yummy breakfast, we weighed anchor and made way to Paihia to bid farewell to our friend Hugh whom has been onboard with us since day 1.

With a cool westerly breeze, our plan today is to say goodbye to the Bay, and point our bow northward to the sheltered harbour of Whangaroa. All trainees hauled and sweated, unfurled and sheeted in, a  full compliment of sails set, and the course set northwards, we ploughed our way through the swells on a pleasant heel, onward north.

Fabian spent most of the time on the helm, and Nikau, Rhys and Connor spent the time on lookout on the bow.  Jenny, Bronson, and Tiaho were enchanted by Kylie’s Knot School, and graduated with honours. By the time we past the Cavalli Islands, the lullaby of the ship had sent a few queezy souls to sleep. As we neared the entrance to the harbour, as if they knew we were coming, the dolphins came all around us, and this was enough to raise the sleepy heads from their bunks for the grand entrance into spectacular Whanagroa.

As the sun set, and the sails were doused, we made way to the western arm, and dropped the anchor down into the mud for the night.

There is a thick smell of tonights dinner wafting from the ship, and laughter emanates from below deck. There is talk of rising early to catch the sunrise tomorrow, a walk to lanes cove, and i hope some fishing, as this is the home of the elusive kingfish.. Po marie whanau, catch you tomorrow.