Kiaora koutou. Day three of the Otamatea sports leadership voyage, we awoke at the beautiful Cavalli Islands. Calm seas and a hint of sunshine was enough to get all trainees in for their morning swim quick smart, and enjoy the hot shower on deck before chores and breakfast.

Our morning was spent getting familiar with the ships safety equipment, and having a look at the chart to plan the days sail from Waiti Bay, to Whangaroa Harbour. There were a few prayers for calm seas, as there was a fair amount of seasickness in the last days travel up from the bay.

Once we had weighed anchor and set off into the blue, there were sighs of relief to see the swell had dropped and a fair breeze had picked up from the northeast, perfect for a setting the mainsail, the fores’l, the headsails and later the Course. Up, up and away, we blew through the grand entrance of the harbour.

Once sails were struck, we motored into Totara North, and all but Rob and Wayne were dropped ashore for the Big Walk to Lanes Cove. And off we went.. 12 by 12 we marched up the hill to the turn off, then dropped down into the lush bush valley, across the rivers, into the swamp, then onwards to Lanes Cove Hut.

Once back at the ship, hot drinks were had, and clean clothes donned. A weary bunch barely lasted till dinner time, and once the dishes were done, everyone was happy to trail off to bed for a good sleep.