Kiaora koutou. Greetings from The Good Ship, R Tucker Thompson. Today is the first day of our Puffin Voyage, and keen are the trainees who hale from all corners of northland,  who travelled to join the ship at Opua this morning. Despite the handsome Gale Warning, we threw the dock lines, and set off into the moody weather.

By the time we got to Tapeka Point, we stared to feel the full brunt of the curly 2m swell that was rolling in from the North. After the bowsprit had taken a few hefty dunks and sprayed water over the whole deck, and swallowing Chris, Moira, Pare, and Finn decided they wanted a bit of the action, so donning harnesses they went out on the sprit to be Storm Riders. And squeal they did, and wet they did quickly become. It was hard to prize them off the sprit as they were having so much fun, thou after we turned our bow down wind and swell, the ride became more smooth, and they came back ondeck. We finally anchored by Motuarohia for lunch, and a try at climbing the rig.

As the day progressed the weather deteriorated and our calm anchorage in the shelter of the island started to get rolley rolley. Captain Uncle Steve called to weigh the anchor, and took the ship into Orokawa Bay, where we are now, sea flat calm. The trainees learned about abandoning ship, and man over board,  and did really well at rescuing Brother Wilson (Castaway superstar) from the not so treacherous sea.

Once safely anchored, a few keen souls had a swim, and Moira and Rayna deployed Lil Tuc into the drink for a wee row row row your boat. You would think it was mid summer!!

Its going to rain all night, so we are settling in down below, it will be log books, dinner then to bed. Po-marie!!!