Good Evening Folks,
Well! We made it through the night. In our safe anchorage, while gusts of 45 knots blew overhead and lots of rain fell from the sky, we were warm and dry. After a hot breakfast, were geared up in waterproof coats and went sailing. Everyone learned to set the Mainsail, Foresail, and Headsails. Everyone took turns learning how to tack each sail across from one side to the other and at helming the ship. Some of our trainees have been on the tucker before and had good memories on how to do things. The wind was still quite strong, but no one was scared. Some hours later we arrived at Urupukapuka Island and we used our sails to get there!
Then it was time for lunch, an introduction to our trainee log books and some nautical lessons. Some chill time was had card games got quite competitive! We decided to move back to our safe anchorage at Opunga. On the way there the girls rode out on the bow sprit and Joshua, Josh, David, and Kalani climbed up the mast.
Dinner is now cooking with help from Fabian. Alex is making yummy shepherd’s pie. The ukulele is getting played a lot. We are warm and cosy again below deck. Hope you folks at home are too.
We are all hoping the weather clears up for our journey down the coast later this week.