Kia Ora friends and Whanau! The last two days onboard the Tucker have been full on!

We left Urquharts Bay yesterday (After the usual chores and breaky.) heading towards Great Barrier Island,with the perfect nor/nor.easterly we planned to be dropping anchor by 17.00… Our trainees had a lot of questions for our fierce Captain Steve! Like how long will it take? Where is Great Barrier island? Why? Why? Why? Or the best yet, Are you for real? But with a wee bit of persuasion The Trainees were soon excited and managed to set all sails with two reefs in the main. We were charging along at 7.5 knots most of the way, white water on deck and surfing down big waves, the highlight for most of us- being entertained by a pod of cheeky dolphins leaping in threes at the bow.

With a few Trainees down with motion sickness others had to step up to help the Crew, which Ben and Taylor did very well taking on the helm like true sailors! and often checking on fellow trainees below deck. Thanks Team!And cookie for feeding us on route!! Arriving ahead of schedule at the calm mouth of Port Fitzroy, our trainees started to emerge from the depths below, (more questions for our Captain !) We settled further in at Rarohara Bay to anchor for the night and our sea sick trainees soon sprung to life diving off the ship for swimming and soon there was laughter echoing through the once quiet valley. Ambrossa and Taylor set off for a wee row to explore our new bay, starting a rowing competition between Trainees while the rest of us had hot showers and helped cookie prepare tea.Once we had closed up ship for the night we settled round the warm saloon for a gossip and dinner..eventually crawling into bed for a well deserved rest!