Today started as usual with a swim and again with a beautiful sunrise. We have been lucky so far this trip. Then after breakfast there was a chance for those who hadn’t done the Tucker challenge. Ruahine, Myah, Katrina, Jessica, and Tama earned their turks head bracelets, showing some impressive bravery climbing up in the yards. Piet also tried and made it all the way up to the yard but not quite out on the yard. Paige went out for her second go! Well done Paige.

While this was happening trainees also took turns trying stuff they hadn’t done. That was rowing Lil Tuc and learning to drive the tender. Peit, Katrina, and Tama all had turns learning how to drive the tender while Nikki and Cornell took Lil Tuc out for a fish.

Before lunch, we motored out to a spot to go for a snorkel, fish and spearfish. Kyle, Tama, Adrian, Myah and Katrina went snorkelling while Paige, Peit, Jess, Nikki and Ruahine went fishing, managing to catch a few fish- unfortunately too small to keep.

After warming up with some chicken soup, we headed to Mimiwhangata and went ashore for a walk and a beach clean.

Now with full bellies, we are listening to Tama playing the guitar and singing along. Lots of laughter is heard and friendships are forming as day 4 comes to a close.

Pomarie, goodnight.