And they are off! A total of 11 youngsters started to assemble at Opua wharf this morning. No doubt some were a bit confused as to which tall ship they were booked to sail on as we had both the Soren Larsen and the R.Tucker Thompson loading up provisions.

From afar afield as Christchurch, and as close as Kawakawa, from Kaitaia and Whangarei…. they were all invited on board to stow their belongings prior to a quick mihi and welcome. It was great to be able to tell the ship’s history of sailing around the world and point to the Soren Larsen anchored closeby and advise them we sailed together on that momentous journey. Hopefully it brought it home to our new sail trainees that these are serious vessels capable of great things.

Crew for the voyage are Steve, Rob, Kylie and Marsha and no doubt they will have a wonderful time with fair weather predicted for the next week.