Day 3 and our sunshine has been drowned out by the rain! Oh well if the forecast holds true then it should clear up by late afternoon.

Up and atem by 0700 chores finished by 0800 and a hot, hearty breakfast of spagetti n sausys then onward to spot X for big snapper! Only I think the resident seal may have got all the big ones! As we have only managed to bring in just 3, just legal.However…. at the new spot Honey is hooking em one after the other and they are getting bigger and bigger! Brendon has taken a crew for a snorkel round the corner while the Captain is suiting up for a dive, crayfish lookout! Nicayla and Ambrossa might be on to something having taken Lil Tuc and fishing lines over to the floating mussell bouys, theres usually a snapper or two amongst the mussells…So its just me and Rich left to hold the fort baiting up lines and taking hooks out of fish, I tell ya its busy! A warm chocolate brownie wafts up through the hatches torturing our senses!

And the word is we are heading to Smokehouse Bay for a wee bonfire later on, to smoke our catch (John Dory!! My fav, thanks Brendon and Nicayla and Ambrossa!) Woo hoo! Now theres not a lot of internet reception over this ways but I shall do my best to keep everyone updated! Unfortunatly we have to leave Great Barrier tomorrow Captain wants to get away early, around 0400 we hope to be underway, heading for Tutukaka .