Well it certainly was a chilly morning lots of teeth chattering and moaning before everyone sucumbed to the Captain’s order of jumping in the sea, it took a while but the sun has risin to be a warm beautiful day and as we head up the coast toward our evening destination, Whangamumu, our Trainees are soaking up the rays and generally enjoying the day learning a few handy knots and challenging each other with the Phoenetic Alphabet…And Honey sharing the helm with Taylor, while peeling the spuds, is quite an art.

There’s a 2 metre easterly swell lazily rolling through but not a breath of wind to suffice setting any canvas so we think a bit of fishing is in order, hopefully we do better than our 5 fish from The Barrier!

Brendon may throw his tanks on and have a wee explore showing Lorna a few tips when it come to scuba diving. Cookie is whipping up a few pizzas today and of course everyone is very excited about this! Richard is happily explaining a few rules of the road as we motor along with Uncle Steve quietly supervising….As Day 5 rolls on our Trainees are reminded by each other that the week is nearly over and making the most of the days left together!