Day 6, our last full day onboard, we awoke at 0700 to the ringing of the ship’s bell, a couple of the trainees beat me into the pleasant waters of Oke Bay – only by a bit though!! Chores and breaky were done and eaten. We hauled anchor and headed towards Deep Water Cove for a dive, only a few went for a dive, and those of us that didn’t were handed some sandpaper and started to sand down the hand rails, once that was done, Ash and Lilly got to work oiling the rails, while Captain Steve got the boys to untie a in the process baggywrinkle, and then make a NEW one. The guys that had been for a dive came back buzzing!!

Shortly after we headed out over to the Hole In The Rock, and Rob took us to Cathedral Cave and through the Hole In The Rock in the tender. It was great fun, and we saw a friendly seal that was waving to us..

After, we headed out to The Cave at Waewaetorea, as we entered the cave from the water, it was a cold shock to everyones system, but as we were swimming into the cave, a big stingray was sitting on the sea floor – a couple of the girls freaked!! It was a good swim through the cave! As we were leaving, we saw the Spirit Of New Zealand anchored up and they were heading to The Cave at Waewaetoria, were we had just been.

Right now we have anchored up in Orokawa Bay for our last night onboard our Good Ship. We have porky roast for dinner, and we’re all looking forward to it! We have had a very fun-filled day onboard the Tucker, for our last full day of YTH-1210.

It has been a great trip and everyone is saying it is going to be sad leaving everyone and all the new friends we have made this week, and the memories we have all made! I’m guessing there’s going to be a lot of swapping of cell phone numbers, and Facebook names tonight!

Parents, family, and friends, we will see you all at Opua Wharf around 1400 (2.00pm). I’m sure your kids can all fill you in on anything have missed, and all about their trip! See you all then!