Wow! Day 5 already! Night watch went by smoothly last night at our anchorage at Motukawanui Island, where we lay peacefully on our anchor! Our annual 0700 morning swim was cold and had a very so-so mood to it, until a pod of dolphins came by, and some jumped back into the water to see if they would come near! They soon disappeared, but as we were lifting anchor and breaky dishes were being washed and dried, a bigger pod came through, and trainees were out on the bowsprit, whistling, clapping and yahooing, they came quite close and as we were leaving they were starting to jump and play! – It was a great way to start the morning. – We’ve been real lucky, and so far have seen dolphins everyday except for once!

We started to set sails as we headed out to set Rob’s dropline! Kerry, Nat and Ash went aloft to unfurl the tops’ls – and I can tell you, you could feel every little movement up there then!

We set off with our six sails set, and plotted a course to Matauri Bay and a lunch of pizza was eaten on the way there. When we arrived, we headed ashore, to the Rainbow Warrior Memorial lookout, we spent a good 1/2 hour there playing around, diving into the long grass, and playing tricks on one another – as a bunch of laughing teenagers do!

We returned to the ship, and Amy, Nat, Corey, Lilly and others jumped off the side of the ship, we soon left Matauri Bay behind, and set back out to retrieve the dropline in hope of some fish, we hauled it in, only to find three sharks on line, we released two that had survived, but unfortunatley one did not survive, so we kept her, and Rob gave us a lesson on shark anatomy, and so it looks like we will be having fish ‘n’ chips sometime!!We are currently on our way back to the Bay and we are staying at Oke Bay for our second to last night.