Hi All, have just gotten back into cell phone coverage, so am able to upload the blogs!!

Day Four and Uncle Steve greeted us at 0700 by ringing the bell which echoed throughout the whole ship, after our first night on nightwatch! The morning swim was a chilly affair, as we dived into the cool salt water! A lesson was soon underway after chores which have left our ship sparkling, and a good breaky of mince and toast!!

We hauled anchor and headed out for a bit of a fish, with not much luck at our first spot, we moved on to our second fishing spot, and we had a spurr of good luck there! Dinner tonight is a yummy sounding seafood chowder with mussels, crays, and fish – yum! No doubt everyone is looking forward to it!

Tonight we are staying at the Cavalli’s again, and hopefully we will get in a bit of a sail tomorrow! Trainees are happy and enjoying themselves. There has been laughter, excitement, and fun filling the ship today, and mostly everyone is looking forward to the possibility of nightwatch again tonight!

There have been multiple comments about missing cell phones and Facebook, but we only have a couple more nights left, so I think they’ll survive a little bit longer without either of them!!

Until tomorrow! (: