Day one of our last youth voyage before maintenance begins today. A great bunch of 10 young sail trainees that have joined us from all over the North, on this cool and crisp yet sunny Sunday morning. We set off from Opua, out into the bay, showing the trainees around the ship, Uncle Steve soon had us split into our famous Port and Starboard groups, we set off taking them around the ship, and showing them the lines, and what has become their home for the next week.

With Barry at the helm, we set a course for Palm Tree Bay for lunch. Everyone was commenting on the amazing smells wafting up from the galley below… What was Marsha cooking us up for lunch? We arrived in Palm Tree Bay with a brisk wind lightly ruffling our hair and those “white things in the rigging”.. Surely enough, after a busy morning stuffing our brains with knowledge about our good ship, everyone was eager for lunch, and soon all that could be heard was the slurping and “mmm’s” and ‘aahhh’s’ of the vegetable soup and cheese scones being devoured! Corey and others, were very keen to go for a dive – looks like we have an eager bunch of young divers onboard.So we raised anchor, and headed around the corner for a dive.. Rob and Barry took the trainees out for a dive, what awesome visibility – you could see the bottom crystal clear. After a couple of hours, they arrived back on the Tucker, with a great bunch of kai moana. All the while, the magic smell of the chocolate brownie was wafting up from the galley, a yummy brownie has now been produced.

Once everyone was back on board, warmed by the shower, and hot choccy, off we set around the corner and into Army Bay, which is where we are now spending our first night. The trainees have been busy scaling the shrouds, which is great, right up into the tops’ls, a good bunch of monkeys by the looks of things! As I sit and write this, I can hear giggles and all sorts of fun protuding out of the saloon, as they’re playing multiple games of cards, before we have our next lesson for the night on anchoring. The weather is calm, and only a little bit of wind, and everyone is happy, and getting along well with one another. There has been mention of night watch from the trainees, and talk about our morning swims., but seeing as the weather is so calm, we have been told we do not have nightwatch tonight, and I can tell you that there has been a few moans about not having to do it. We have a wonderful roast beef sizzling away in the oven at the moment, with lots of delicious food to accompany the roast – tummies are no doubt rumbling, as we wait for dinner. I suspect everyone will sleep well tonight, once getting to sleep, as it seems they have a big burst of energy within them all… With our Hi’s and Low’s said for the night, after our lovely roast beef everyone slowly slunk off to our bunks for the night. Sounds like we are going to be doing some sailing tomorrow, so more fun to be had, and memories to be made…. Keep an eye out here for more of our adventures, as the week continues. 🙂