Hi All, sorry about the delay in postings,I haven’t been able to get through while we’ve been at the Cavallis, as cell phone coverage is hard to find!

Our hi’s and lows were said and todays activities were discussed, we were all in bed by 9.00pm last night, as at 0400 this morning Uncle Steve woke us up with a wonderful morning song. By 0430 the trainees were up, and Rob had taken a couple aloft to unfurl the tops’ls, and others set the other sails, as we began our long journey to the Cavalli Islands! Hot choccy was soon produced from the galley, and disappeared almost as fast as it appeared!

As the sun started to rise, a nice swell started to roll through, and a couple of the kids were starting to feel a bit on the queasy side, and eventually some were leaning over the side, feeding the fish – but are fine now!

We got all eight sails set, and Steve cut the engine, and we were sailing! We headed out from land and were soon summoned by our Cap’n to lower sails as we started to head back in towards land, to our morning anchorage. Breaky was woofed down in a great hurry, as everyone must have worked up an appetite!

After breakfast and chores were done, Rob, Ash, and trainees were dropped ashore by Barry, and set off along the Motukawanui Track, but not before stopping along the beach, at the dead beak whale, which has been there for a very long time!! Off we went along the track, stopping along the way to take in the views of Cape Wiwiki, Ninepin, Cape Brett, Matauri Bay, a boil up of fish down in the water which was massive, and plenty more to entertain us along the way. Eating choccy fish as we went. The trainees brains have been once again stuffed with knowledgable information from Barry and Rob. Dianna is busy preparing our dinner for tonight – and it smells divine!

Tonight we are staying at Wai-iti Bay, and the guys have just gotten back on board from a late afternoon dive!! I can hear a lot of laughing and yahooing coming from inside the saloon, so I think I will finish this blog, then head in and join them! Everyone is in high spirits, but there have been a few comments about missing cell phones, and no doubt Facebook too! Day 3 has been a wonderful day full of adventures, and fun!

Until tomorrow!! (: