Day two greeted us this morning with Uncle Steve waking us up out of our peaceful slumber, ready for our morning swim. It was a cool morning at Army Bay, but everyone was up and in the water without much hesitation. Chores were done, and our ship was sparkling from bow to stern thanks to our trainees! A good breakfast of porridge with cream and brown sugar, and toast for some aswell. A lesson on Navigation soon got underway with Barry teaching, whilst Marsha and Ash were busy in the galley making Ginger Crunch!! With everyone warm, and brains full of knowledge on navigation, the boys set off for a dive, just around the corner, whilst the girls and Steve set off to empty the black water..

As I type this, we are anchored at Tapeka for lunch, and a bit of a fish. Everyone is in high spirits, as we saw dolphins a few minutes ago, but they didn’t want to come near and visit us… This time anyway..  We have had lovely weather so far, but the cool wind is still there… The boys and Amy have just arrived back from a snorkel around the rocks, they say it was great visibility, but hardly any fish. Our new cook Dianna has just arrived onboard, and Marsha is busy in the galley preparing our dinner for tonight – chicken with vegetables and all! The sun is slowly setting, as we settle in for afternoon tea. Marsha is leaving us tonight, much to some of the boys dismay by the sounds of things, as they’ve loved her cooking – as have we all!

We have now left Tapeka, and we are making our way to Long Beach for the night. As I write this down in the galley, the trainees are up scouring the rig, hanging out on the bowsprit, and everyone is enjoying the lovely peaches and pinks todays sunset is performing for us.

The smells wafting across to me from the galley, smell absolutley wonderful, and no doubt tummies are rumbling, and everyone ready for the evening activities.. We will update tomorrow, as there is talk of heading to the Cavalli’s prehaps, but I’m not 100% sure of what is happening tomorrow myself yet. Keep an eye hear to find out what we get up to in the following days!