Hi!! We have been out of reception for the last few days, here is the blog from day 2 …
We are nearing the end of a hugemungas day 2. There was no morning swim today, because we all woke up at 4am and set off to the Cavali Islands!!! Twas dark, cold, calm and clear, and before too long it was all hands on deck pulling up sails, navigating past the ninepin, hot chocolates, and bending on the foresail. By 6.30 the moon went to sleep and the sun colors started to rise in the east. Darby and Mathew S went aloft and unfurled the topsails, and up went the course sail aswell. We puddled along at a comfortable 5 knots, had chores and breakfast underway, finally setting anchor at the cavallis by 8am.
Everyone was feeling really good and there was plenty of keen people to get the morning swim out of the way.A few of us suited up and went out for a fabulous dive, ice cream headaches all round. Whilst those that stayed onboard had bread making lessons from Steve.
So, on return to the ship, with Rob’s awesome packhorse cray he picked up, we were greated with the young master chefs making bread, and sunshine all round. We had some lessons out on deck, before weighing anchor and moving to a better fishing spot close to motukawanui.
Liam caught the first pigfish, Mathew S caught the second one and Kylie caught the third. After that the bait ran out and fish stopped biting.
We uped our anchor again and set all the sails again and made way round to Waiiti Bay where we are staying the nite. As we came into the bay a pod of 15- 20 common dolphins performed amazing acrobatics close into shore, and stayed around for at least a hour, Gus and Mathew and Carl watching the whole show from up the top of the rigging, their highlight of the day. A shore excursion took place for the last hours of daylight, whilst marsha cooked another amazing dinner for us, and Rob went off in the dingy with his net and caught 2 kahawai. We are slowly shaping up a seafood feast for the next few days, with hope of a bit of scallop collecting tomorow on the way over to Matauri Bay.
Everyone is very tired, and happy to get that gorgeous sun on our skin today. We are turning in early due to our early start, most trainees were nearly asleep at the dinner table….Its been an epic day!!!