Ahoy there ye landlubbers, ’tis the first day of another voyage aboard the good ship R. Tucker Thompson. Our scurvy crew of eleven fresh-faced scalliwags boarded the ship at Opua, said their goodbyes and headed of into a rain sqall. Arr !! a fine way to start their voyage. Captain Steve laid down the law for the safety of all aboard as we headed for Motuarohia island for lunch.

The rain squalls left as did the shyness of our young trainees and soon they were climbing the rig and the bowsprit with Nyden and Raymond showing no fear of heights. After a hearty soup and garlic bread to warm our bellies we weighed anchor and motored to Jacks Bay for our overnight anchorage.

As we neared our anchorage our Captain ordered a manoverboard drill be practised, Merc willingly volunteered but much to his disgust our captain denied him. As soon as we anchored it was a different story with nearly all our fearless young scalliwags jumping, diving, bombing into the water. Matthew, Stevie-Ray and Merc all tried their hand at rowing the ‘Little Tuck’ and as darkness fell we were all gathered in the saloon for more of Marsha’s cooking. A great first day, lots of laughter and fun, we wonder what tomorrow might bring.