Sorry about the late blog for yesterday! – We were out of cell phone coverage, and have just managed to find a smidge of it on our way to Whangamumu which is where we will be sepdning our night tonight, before heading out to the Poor Knights early tomorrow morning (0400)!!

Photos will be up soon, when we arrive back in the bay within the next couple of nights!! πŸ™‚

Day two greeted us with drizzle and a calm anchorage, with Uncle Captain Steve waking us with the bell at 0700, there was a scurry of trainees as everyone ran up on deck in order to be first in the water, as there was an ultimatum last night, that first in, would receive one of the golden treasure bars that were stowed away with the crew…. Better known to us all as CHOCOLATE!! Mako was first in this mroning, with Ash closely following… Our morning swim was quickly over within 15 minutes, and chores began, despite the rain that had decided to set in for this morning.A hearty breakfast of porridge, baked beans, and toast was quickly devoured by everyone, and ready to start our day with a bunch full of lessons! With many lessons completed, Kylie and Ash were busy creating dough in the galley, for our amazing lunch of pizzas.

Before we knew it, it was lunch time, and the pizzas were emerging from within the oven, after lunch, we returned back to Richard, and Nik, who were busy once again, filling our brains full of wise knowledge to do with the ship, and the water, especially going to be needed for us to plan our practice journeys and our qualifiying journeys! With lessons completed, we were allowed some free time, everyone ventured up on deck for a swim and to bask in the beautiful sun that had shown its face, afterwards, we set off for an afternoon sail, and the wind had picked up, so everyone was looking forward to a bit of a sail, Uncle Steve gave us certain jobs to do, and the anchor was raised, and we set our fores’l, and left Orokawa Bay, and headed out into the bay, and headed towards our anchorage for the night which is Teuenga Bay.

Grace, Rose and Ash have been busy in the galley helping Kylie with dinner for tonight, stuffing to go with dinner tomorrow night, and a Fruit Crumble for dessert tonight.

As I write this, the sun is putting on a wonderful show with bright colours, and everyone is happy, and enjoying life onboard. Check back tomorrow to see what more exciting adventures and fun we get up to tomorrow on the Good Ship R. Tucker Thompson – the word is, is that we are heading for Cape Brett and an excursion to the magnificent Poor Knights!!