Morning!! Well we set off yesterday straight into a strong nor-westerly, nose into the wind bounding through the waves. The Trainees yip and yahoo while some a bit apprehensive being afirst experience… Out round Tapeka the waves grew, the passage across to the lee of Robbies seemed so far away….finally reaching the calm of the Twin Lagoons, Kylie emerged from the rolling depths of the galley with the most amazing hearty soup and hot cheesy scones..ever!

With sustentance warming our bellies we were ready to set off again, Captin Steve ordering a Man Overboard drill, Zach and Mikayla were quick to man up to the challenge of directing the Captain and ship towards “Fred” the basketball, Richard and Sheldon set about getting the sea gate ready with Genesis standing by with the boat hook ready to retrieve Fred. As the ship came about with fred on the starboard,lots of shouting and grabbing, almost panic… but no we missed Fred!  “AGAIN” The Captain ordered…Well this took a few hit and misses but by the 4th round up we were not only successful, but had it down pat taking only a few minutes to pick fred up! Well done team!
We spent the rest of the afternoon anchored in the shelter of Orokawa Bay getting to know the Ship and her Crew which meant a few more safety drills, then it was time for fun, swinging off the ship Lee thought the sea was quite warm!,Sheldon impressing us all by jumping from the 4th ratboard! Energy spent we went below for some well earned dinner and settled in for Highs and Lows and eventually… bed.
Today… we are still anchored in Orokawa. The morning swim proved to be a bit of a challenge for some,others not so…. Zach taking the prize for first in, Lee complaining cause she didn’t want to get out! And Te Rehia asking for a snorkel and goggles! Funny! So the morning continues with the usual hearty breakfast and essential chores followed by a navigation lesson from Captain Steve. After lunch, Nick and Marsha will take the dingy in to pick up our fisherman, er, I mean other crew member Rob Agarrrr; the plan is to head over to the Black Rocks for a bit of Snapper catching and kutai collecting before settling in at Whale Bay.