Avast there me hearties, for we have another tale to be told of fun filled adventures. We awoke this morn, to a blue sky with nary a cloud in sight. A quick swim in a fresh clear sea soon washed away any sign of sleepiness and our ships chores were soon finished. With breakfast eagerly wolfed down we set about learning our lessons for the day. After the lessons we went ashore to explore the Whangamumu whaling station and climb the waterfalls, much to the delight of our trainees.

At 11.30 we set sail, with Audrey at the helm, for Dangerous Rock to set our dropline. Lee and Zac, climbed aloft to help unfurl the topsails and we were of sailing at last!! After arriving at our spot and deploying our line, we were entertained while we had lunch by a pod of whales, breeching and spouting very close to the ship. Another huge thrill for the day. We retrieved our line after about an hours soak, but we had no luck. So it was off to another spot near the end of Whangaruru harbour for a fish, we caught snapper and pig fish, yummo!! So as the sun sets on a calm blue sea, laughter rings throughout the ship and the smell of yet another delicious meal tantalises the taste buds, we will all sleep well tonight.

Tomorrow has another adventure in store for us – a 4am start and a visit to the Poor Knights Islands.