Kia ora Whanau. Welcome to the tales of adventure from aboard the R. Tucker Thompson. We awoke this morning before the sunrise to misty rainforest and a glassy deep blue sea. The serenity was soon disturbed as 11 screaming teenagers jumped, swung and yahooed into the cool waters of Outu Bay. The early morning dip has now become fun and they are competing to see who will be first in. Our now energised trainees sped through their chores and were eagerly awaiting their breakfast as the morning weather report told of high winds, rain and squalls. But the sun was shining!!!

Captain Steve looked thoughtfully into his porridge and then announced we would have to leave this side of the Cape and return to the Bay of Islands, but first we would visit Whangamumu Harbour to explore the old whaling station and climb up the waterfalls. The trainees thought this would be great, as it would be the first time they had stepped on dry land in four days.

Whangamumu didn’t disappoint with plenty of water in the waterfalls. Our stay wasn’t for long and we returned to the ship to ready her for the trip back around the Cape, the wind and swell had increased, with 30 knots and 2 metre swells. Marino, Jennifer, Kane, Kowhai and Gabriel all donned safety harness and rode the bowsprit in the big seas. Four hours later we were in the safe anchorage of Whale Bay, enjoying dinghy races and baking bread and Afghan biscuits, the memory of rough seas forgotten for today. A game called Pukana is ringing through the ship and any sign of tiredness is well disguised with laughter. Another great day…. ma te wa.