Kia Ora whanau! We awoke this morning at 0700 hours to a blanket of clouds covering the sky. With Leslie leading the way our trainees braved the chilly winter waters without much fuss to enjoy a quick hot shower on deck. After chores were completed and breakfast was demolished we sat our trainees in the saloon to fill their heads with an abundance of knowledge about navigation and chart work.
With the sun now shining we thought this was the perfect time for some challenges on deck with the motivation of winning chocolate. First up was a throw line challenge where we had to throw a line into a life ring 15 metres away from the ship. It seemed simple enough yet no one managed to claim any chocolate. Our next challenge was our infamous Little Tuc race around the ship. Daniel managed a great time of 48 seconds which no one seemed to compare to until it was Valintine’s turn. He must have been paddling so hard that he managed to break the oar! An unfortunate end with still no one claiming the prize.

After lunch was devoured and the anchor now up we raised the foresail and took advantage of the SW breeze leading us towards Army Bay. This is where our trainees went for a two hour long walk around Moturua Island with plenty of stunning views.

We are now safely tucked away from the predicted strong winds in Parekura Bay where we have settled for the night looking forward to another adventure tomorrow.