Daniel broke the ice this morning being first in the water. After our usual routine of chores and breakfast we got into some lessons. Today we filled our trainees heads with information on route planning and weather patterns. With the anchor raised, we set the mainsail and made our way towards the Cavalli Islands to try our luck with fishing. Damon caught the first keeper being a lovely pan sized snapper.

Not long after all the boys were catching decent sized fish, which with today’s and yesterdays catch went amazing with our crayfish for a well deserved seafood extravaganza lunch. After lunch was demolished we made our way towards Waiiti Bay where we started our 2 hour walk across Motukawanui Island. We enjoyed some amazing views along the way with a little bit of sliding and slipping along the track, luckily no one was badly hurt. At the end of the walk we got to enjoy a majestic sunset with a large pirate ship silhouetted in the background ready to bring us back on board.

Dinner was next and for 5 minutes the ship went silent as our trainees enjoyed a lovely pork roast. We are now getting ready for a night sail from the Cavalli Islands towards Whale Bay where we will spend the night.