Greetings from paradise to thy land lubbers…. yyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaarrrrrrggggggghhhhh!!!! what a glorious day it has been with the usual 0700 refreshing mineral spa, chores, breakfast then without delay we weighed anchored and set course for Urupukapuka…..
Upon arrival we packed our cut lunch that Pania kindly prepared for our hike around thee island, as we walked through the various valleys and ridges we where graced by a number of wild life ranging from the curious Tui and Piwaawaka, Tieke and a lone Miromiro cautiously spying on us as we passed by…..
Once the sun was Due north we stopped for lunch fanning out along the beach of Urupukapuka bay finding somewhere comfortable to let our tummies set before continuing on our mission to walk around this beautiful island stopping in Otehei bay to take selfies with the tourists that we passed by on the track.. With just under 10km of walking under our belts we arrived back at where we started in Paradise bay…. with the sun beating down on us Gage and Kalem braved the cold waters to cool down, then we boarded the dingy bound for the mother ship….
When we got back hot chocolates, coffee and fresh ecceles cakes were waiting for us that Captain Uncle Steve made before heading into lessons with a short break going upstairs to admire a rather large pod of dolphins that came over to see what we where having for dinner…
All trainees are rather tired with excitement to go to sleep so we can go out to the hole in the rock and dive the white reef in deep water cove all is well on the good ship…
life is good
wha ra