Sunset in the Bay of Islands


Kia ora from the Tucker Thompson!

First day of the first Youth Trip, and everyone is getting along just fine. A bit of a late start to the day but that’s okay, we said our goodbyes, cast off, introduced ourselves and tucked right into lunch! Leaving the shelter of the inner harbour we crossed the a Bay, with a brief visit from a pod of dolphin, always a good start to the voyage.

Afterwards the kids split into their watches for the week and given an orientation to the ship, the do’s and don’ts of life on board. Next up a man over board procedure where “Wilson” out eager test dummy was retrieved from the depths of the ocean. Then it was a lovely walk around Moturua listening to the bird song and sharing stories of home. We are now anchored in Omakiwi for the night, the ship alive with the sounds of laughter as the youth play cards and relax in each other’s company.

The ship’s new fishing rod was trolled and cast from one hopeful angler to the next, alas , corned silverside remains as dinner. Unfortunately we are having trouble uploading photos, but as soon as we can figure it out, we will post out a photo, Po marie