Greetings from the R Tucker Thompson to thy land lubbers…. finally left the wharf after a 6 week maintenance period all shipshape and tidy. With favourable wind the Foresail was hoisted as we headed out to the Bay. The trainees gathered around the helm as we introduced ourselves and a brief outline of the week ahead.

After lunch we arrived at Moturua Island where we laid anchor and headed ashore for a hike around the track. A brief introduction to the good work of Project Island Song, the bush sections were quiet of birds but some kiwi footprints were found at Mangahawea Bay. Rubbish was swept from the beaches and 18 clothes pegs recovered. Back on board a few went for a swim, Pene, Connor, Shaden as the sun dropped behind the hill.

Potatoes and carrots peeled, card games over the table, chess board out, everyone is keeping busy and entertained, must be time for some class work!

Ma te wa