Hello again from the seafarers. Today we awoke at 0600 before the dawn. Up anchor and away with warm hot chocolates in hand to watch the sun rise as we set out towards the Poor Knights Islands. As the sun rose, we were escorted by a friendly pod of Common Dolphins, Kahu, Zeran, Holly, Tammy, and Jacob were lucky out in the bow net at the time with a great view of them bow riding. Breakfast included some takako bread made by Hendrix and Repana. Upon, arriving at the poor knights all entered the water or rowed in Little Tuc (Ethan, Kahu, and David) and Lilli road in the tender to RikoRiko Cave, largest sea cave in the southern hemisphere.

After warming up and drying off, we had quiet time at anchor, listening to the birdsong and sea sounds of the Poor Knights Islands. Sails were set and we began heading towards Tutukaka just before lunch was served. Underway some we had practice tying knots and keeping the ship on course.  Upon arrival in Tutukaka harbour sails were lowered and all indulged in some brownie made by the Trainees. Then all ashore to walk out to the Tutukaka Lighthouse. With the weather being so clear we had a spectacular view out to sea. The Poor Knights, Great Barrier, the Mokohinaus, Little Barrier, the Hen and Chick Islands all in view, as well the coast stretching North and South.

Now as the sun sets, everyone plays cards or music on the Ukelele.

From us on our Journey to Whangarei, good night!