Hello all ye Land Lubbers ashore,

Our day began with the traditional morning swim to wake everyone up. Then the Trainees were introduced to morning duties, scrubbing the decks, polishing the brass and cleaning below decks. After a warm breakfast it was time to begin to learn the arts of the sailor. All were taught how to handle lines (ropes) correctly and the basic names of some – literally, “learning the ropes”. Then it was up anchor and away, sailing around Urupukapuka, Waewaetorea and Okahu Islands. While sailing some aloft training was given and Ethan, Tammy, Hendrix and Repana took a particularly liking to heights. We had a brief encounter with two Common dolphins which are actually less common around these parts than their cousin the Bottlenose dolphin. Hendrix took the helm to steer us back into the bay and all hands lowered the sails.

Lunch was had anchored at Urupukapuka Bay, followed by going ashore for some quiet time and then a bit of a walk. Back on the ship we sailed to Parorenui Bay and had a lesson on knot tying. After that we had enough daylight left to squeeze in a swim and a chance to do the Tucker Challenge. Jacob, Tammy, Eli, Hendrix and Zeran went for a swim while Ethan, Holly, David and Hannah achieved the Tucker Challenge! Well done.

Now the second day on the ship is complete and we look forward to exploring the coastline to the South soon but tonight we sleep in the sheltered waters of the Bay of Islands.