We woke up to a glorious sunrise; all in for the morning swim. Breakfast was fried fish speared by crew member Wayne the day before as well as spaghetti on toast (also known as biscuity on toast to the trainees). It was straight to chores and then a lesson on rules of the road. Rules of the road are the rules that we use to navigate our vessel safely. Just like cars have rules when they drive on the road, we also have rules on the water to ensure we avoid collisions with other vessels.

Next up was some final games – knot relays as well as a line chase. This was to ensure that our trainees are fully prepared to take command tomorrow! After a short break it was time to weigh anchor and set sail for Te Puna. There was a great bit of wind which meant we even had to put a few reefs in our sails. With Nalani at the helm it was a pretty awesome sail with our trainees tacking the ship with confidence, each taking a turn to lead the sail handling. With the ship heeling over quite a bit, lunch was delayed slightly until we reached our anchorage.

Once anchored at Te Puna, it was straight back into lunch whilst Billie attempted the Tucker Challenge – our last trainee to do so! Even though she didn’t quite make it to the very end she tried her absolute best despite being really scared, so we’re all very proud of her. Once Billie made her way back down the rigging it was time for lunch, pizza made by all our trainees.

Burning off the last bit of energy that we had left, we did some rowing in our little tender (Little Tuc) as well as learning how to use the outboard motor on our inflatable dinghy (Tucker Ferry). Once all back on board, Mouhnir and Hori managed to squeeze in a final swim before our final lesson on the phonetic alphabet.
As per tradition, we had our Day 6 pork roast with vegetables and gravy diligently cooked by our captain Sarianna with Mouhnir tucking into some fresh fish also speared by Wayne.

Tomorrow after we’ve tidied our ship it’s over to our trainees to take command and sail us back to Opua all by themselves. They’re busy now preparing for the voyage using all the skills that they’ve learnt over the week to ensure we get there on time.

We’ll see you all at Opua tomorrow afternoon!