Ahoy! Today has been an action packed day with a total of 8 hours of sailing… upwind. We started our day with the usual morning swim, with a nice icy wind to get everyone out of the water quickly. After morning chores were completed, we had a fire drill which was successful.

Leaving the nice flat waters of Tutukaka Harbour, we headed out and set sail for Whangarei with an increasing South Westerly right on the nose. Tama, Myah and Nikki decided to go out on the bowsprit with Nikki getting absolutely soaked while she was down in the net! She loved it though and stayed out for a while, getting joined by Katrina who screamed the ship down as she was getting dunked in the waves. Piet, Katrina and Ruahine climbed aloft and hung on as the ship ploughed through the waves. Good fun!

Kyle manned the helm of the ship as she battled through the 25knt headwinds, occasionally relieved by Tama, Katrina, Jessica, Adrian and Piet who impressed us by self-managing themselves on the helm.

Had an awesome moment today coming around Whangarei Heads when we crossed paths with the Spirit of New Zealand! Lots of hollering and waving from our side and bagpipes from their side, we sailed past and entered the Whangarei Harbour.

After many hours of cold wind, cold rain and ocean swell, we are sitting happy and warm in the safety of the Whangarei port with our pork roast almost ready for the last dinner.

Goodnight everyone and don’t forget: 2pm at Marsden Cove Marina tomorrow!