Kiaora Tucker family. After a rainy night, we woke up to some blue skies and fresh winds for the morning swim. Swim done, chores completed and breakfast consumed,

After learning line handling, sails were hoisted and we headed off into the bay with some strong winds and ocean swell pushing us along. Everyone soon learnt that it is a much better idea to be up on deck than down in the saloon, with a few green faces coming up the companionway.

A delicious lunch of quiche ready, we made anchor at Parekura and filled our bellies. Our ship mermaids (and merman), Jessica, Nikki, Myah and Tama decided to go for a swim, mastering the ship swing and doing some bellyflops. After a lesson on navigation, we got the hand lines out and Little Tuc in the water. Nikki, Paige, Cornell and Adrian all did the tucker challenge and made it look easy! Well done.

Myah and Katrina both had to get rescued by Magnus and Kyle in the dingy after they drifted out to sea on Little Tuc with the wind. Kyle learned the ins and outs of the dingy and took Magnus on a joyride around Parekura.

Now we are waiting for a yummy smelling boil up dinner, and having laughs in the saloon.