Day one is off with a bang! Starting with a yummy lunch of Mac n Cheese, we picked up our final trainee, Jre, from Russell and headed off into the bay.

After we put up sails and had an orientation with the ship, Nikki, Cornell and Adrian were straight up the mast into the shrouds, discovering that there is a lot more movement up there than down on the deck!

After we lost our wind, we dropped sails and turned towards Marsden Cross where we anchored to go ashore. After a short walk up the hill, we had a 15 minute silence sitting in the long grass and looking out over the bay.

Jre, Cornell and Tama decided to do some crazy rolls on our way down the hill. Back on the ship and Myer, Nikki and Katrina jumped into the water and showed off their awesome manus and mermaid skills.

Now we are currently motoring over to Whale Bay for the night, hunkering down and preparing for the oncoming weather. Goodnight!