Another day began as we awoke at 0730 ready for the morning swim, duties and breakfast.
After breakfast dishes were completed we had everyone on deck ready to begin our large voyage to Tepuna Inlet.
With large gale force winds coming from the west we decided to reef our sails which all the trainees took part in.
After hoisting the Mainsail, Foresail and Head sails we were away.
We began rotational groups where after each second tack the trainees would then move on to the next sail so they could get a true understanding of how each sail works.
After an hour of rotations we decided to have a bit of fun with the trainees and have a knot race between the port and starboard teams.
Port team had been practicing before-hand and was amazingly fast, which put them in an early lead which worked in their favour helping them win, although starboard team weren’t too far behind.
The trainees had the opportunity to climb out onto the bowsprit in the crazy seas, Spiritual, Rangi, Sebastian and Te Morehu were the first to put their hands up. With the front of the boat going under water at times, the boys clipped onto the safety lines and were full of excitement. Rangi felt wild and free as the water below his feet saturated him.  Te Morehu decided to jump in on the action.
It was time to tack so the boys made their way back into the safety of the boat.
Although this time the wind decided to go against our favour and large squals of wind decided to hit us one after the other, as the boat was on a large heel, the trainees held on with adrenaline and screaming laughter.
At this point we dropped the main sail and the outer headsail to make it a more comfortable ride to our final destination.
As we reached our anchorage, lunch was served.
Nothing quite like a hot soup after a long tiring sail.
While some of the crew removed the topsails and headsails in preparation for maintenance (where the tucker comes out of the water) the trainees completed some classes below deck before beginning quiet time.
We are now having some free time while we wait for our delicious home cooked roast for dinner.
See you all tomorrow at 1400!!