Day 3 started before the dawn at 0630 to get underway towards a very special place – the Poor Knights Islands. No morning swim, instead strait to sail stations setting the Main, Fore and Head sails. Aaron, Sebastian and Spiritual helped bring the anchor up. Monet and Aaron at the helm. After a little break to watch the sunrise and drink a hot chocolate, it was time to clean the ship. All was made clean however by the end only Dietrich and Ramai were in 100% good spirits the rest feeling a little seasick. We arrived in South Harbour at the Poor Knights around 0930 and sheltered from the swell everyone decided they would take the opportunity to snorkel in the world class marine reserve. Many large fish were seen and the archways and cliffs were very stunning. Spirits had risen again after a swim, hot shower and a bit of late breakfast everyone looking alive and smiling again.

Unfortunately for the land lubbers in training, we still had to return to the mainland across the rolling sea. So as we rounded the Northern end of the Poor Knights and set sails again, people began to quieten and let the seas movement take all their concentration. Hunter and Rangi were at the helm as we closed in on Mimiwhangata and the swell subsided as we entered Whangaruru Harbour. Everyone was roused awake and on deck for some afternoon tea of lemon cake and lemon honey drink. After that and with flat seas again everyone looked better!! So sails were lowered (the trainees now know a lot more than day one) and we anchored up harbour for the night.

Still with lots of sunshine Janna took up the mast anyone who wanted to try the Tucker Challenge (climbing up the rigging and out on the yard arms). Aaron was first up the mast followed closely by Dietrich, Rangi, Te Morehu, Sebastian, Ramai, Spiritual, Monet and Hunter being last for the day, what an achievement! Maybe the others will tomorrow.

In between climbing Kommrad and Te Morehu had a go at fishing off the ship and Liam and Ramai made sure the potatoes were peeled for dinner.

It’s calm tonight and should be a nice morning for a sunrise swim tomorrow! Tomorrow we continue our voyage north.