We awoke at 0730 ready to start the morning swim, duties and breakfast.
After having an amazing fry-up breakfast we enjoyed a line chase game where we separated into port and starboard teams, lining up on each side of the ship, we called out the many possible sail lines, and a person from each team had to race a person from the opposing team and touch the line before their competitor. Port team won, although we are very proud of all the trainees for the knowledge they have learnt in such a small amount of time!
We then set sails and headed towards our final destination – The Bay of Islands!
On our journey the trainees split into three groups where they rotated classes of either, navigation, knots, or taking the helm and keeping watch. This went on for over an hour and a half before deciding on having our 30 minutes of silence.
After an enjoyable lunch of vegetable pasta, we sailed past Cape Brett and its astounding Hole in the Rock.
Entering the Albert Channel we were finally home bound.
We lowered and stowed the sails before having a scrumptious afternoon tea of ginger slice with a lemon honey drink to top it off.
On arrival the dropped the anchor, the trainees waited with anticipation to get their turkshead bracelets, for those who completed the tucker challenge.
At the moment Sebastian and Kommrad are fishing on Lil Tuc, Aaron and Rangiwhenua are being helpful hands in the galley and the other trainees are singing along to the songs Te Morehu is playing on the guitar while we wait for the delicious dinner of cottage pie.